Price drop on the Tamron 18-270 PZD

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    With the recent price reduction of the] Tamron 18-270mm Di-II VC PZD lens a great lens has become even better! At] Camera Land NY the lens is now $449! As a working professional photographer, quality is of the utmost importance. Convenience is great but sharpness is something I know will be there when I release the shutter. When I first used this lens it was because of the small size, lightweight portability of the lens, in addition to the wide zoom range it covered. I found myself using the lens for my go to lens when I traveled around or was just vacationing and wanting to limit what I carried with me on a trip. I have become more comfortable using the lens as my “work” lens the more I use it.
    When you look at the features built into the lens, the value really takes center stage. The lens is designed and optimized for the APS-C sensor, thus the Di-II designation. Tamron’s innovative Vibration Compensation built into this lens will allow the photographer to handhold while shooting at as many as 4 shutter speeds slower than you would normally be able to do so! One big thing I notice is the smoothness of the image while looking through the viewfinder as the VC works its magic. The new PZD or piezoelectric technology will now give the photographer quieter, faster, even more accurate autofocusing. The combination of these two features allows the lens to be compact and lightweight.
    A lot of the sharpness of the lens is due to the LD Glass in the lens. This helps to reduce chromatic aberrations aiding in the sharpness as well as the contrast in the colors. Tamron also included several aspherical lens elements which not only aid in the overall quality of the image but make it possible to make a zoom lens with this wide of range. Image distortion is virtually eliminated due to the design of the aspherical elements. The lens also features IF, or Internal Focusing System. This simply means as you focus the front element stays put, making the use of circular polarizers much easier. No need to adjust with each little focusing adjustment. This also allows for a closer minimum focusing distance throughout its entire range. And lastly for you travelers, a Zoom Lock Feature which will allow you to flip a switch to keep the lens nice and compact as you take it out of your bag and during travel or while hanging around your neck.
    With the current price of the lens, it becomes “the” lens to have and carry and not have to worry about switching lenses or carrying an additional lens. If you are in the market for that perfect “all in one” lens or preparing to buy a DSLR kit and want to maximize your kit while keeping the price down, the] Tamron 18-270mm Di-II VC PZD lens is the perfect lens. Give] Joel at Camera Land NY a call to get your lens or kit ordered today. And as always for the best pricing on all of your equipment, let them know you are a member of the forum!

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