PS simulation of softening filter

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    Found this technique in one of my PS books, and it works like a charm!

    Here's the step-by-step:

    • 1. Make 2 duplicate copies of your background image.
      2. Hide the top copy, select the middle copy.
      3. Switch blend mode of the middle layer to Darken.
      4. Apply a 40px gausian blur to that middle layer.
      5. Hide the middle layer, select the top layer.
      6. Switch blend mode of top layer to Lighten.
      7. Apply a 60px gausian blur to that top layer.
      8. Select the middle layer and reduce its opacity to ~40%
      9. Hide background layer.
      10. Create new blank layer, drag it to the top of the layers list, then hold down ALT key and choose Merge Visible from the layers pop-down menu.
      11. Make the background layer visible again, hide the 2 duplicate layers.
      12. Select the top layer in your list (the one that you created blank, then merged visible to) and reduce its opacity to ~40%.

      13. If you want some areas (eyes, etc.) still in sharp detail, create a layer mask on that topmost layer, and use the brush tool with a black foreground to 'paint' those areas back into detail.

    Here's a sample image done with this technique (My wife's pregnant, not just nursing a beer-belly. ;) ) :


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