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Public Service Anouncement - The Lafoto Disease Continues to Spread (green)


Been spending a lot of time on here!
Jul 18, 2007
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At the moment, public health officials have yet to discover a cure for the wide spread disease of water droplets. Stumped and frustrated, a spokesperson stated that it is of epidemic proportion and does not see and end to the malady in the near future.


My first go with it. Shot with a green gel over the flash and enhanced slightly in post.






Thanks (I think) Corinna.​
I think I am managing to resist the addiction - just -- sorta - kinda,,

oh and you have 2 dustspots that need correcting in those shots - break out the heal tool and get to work :)
Thanks Overread. I'll worry about the spots on the next go at water drops.

Hmmm....... apparently they aren't that impressive though. Tough crowd. :meh:
its the fear!
people are fearfull of contracting the illness as well ;)
certainly nothing wrong with these drops that stands out to my eye (Barring the dust spots as mentioned).
Well, I'm not afraid!
Even THOUGH I know that you don't become immune when you've gone through the disease before! I caught it again this year! It has come back!

Colour gel on the flash, now that is yet an idea to follow!
I still work with colourful backgrounds (though this year's results were poorer than last year's and I can't say WHY !?!?!? :confused: ), others work with food colours --- and now this. Nice new version.

I think, 1 and 4 are the best of the bunch here! :D
Isn't it FUN to be infected :D :D :D :D :D!?!?!
Thanks Battou. I kinda agree, but i was trying to reel in Corinna with the green. :lol:

Thanks Corinna. I'm afraid you are correct. No injection or tablet will cure this ill.

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