Pumpkin Patch snapshots for C&C


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Feb 20, 2010
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So these shots are from my second day ever having a decent camera(T1i) to play with and absolutely no photo training whatsoever. The shots weren't set up any more than me rushing to get the shot before it was too late so I'd say they're more opportunistic snapshots than anything else. No PP other than resizing them for flickr. Anyways, here they are. Thanks, in advance, for the comments.

Taken using the kit 55-200

Taken using the kit 18-55. Busy background and I would have liked to get the antenna in focus a bit more, but please hit me with some more critiques.

Here is one I cropped a bit to see what you guys thought about it. I like it.

Again, brand new Canon owner here looking to learn to be a photographer so please let me know what you guys think.


Also, I can't seem to get the pictures to show up decently sized so until I figure that out, this is what I got.
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Grasshopper on squash? That's my guess anyway..

These are tough shots I think... and focus on the eyes is a must with insects, or anything with eyes (with a few exceptions anyway).

Another thing; I would try and not center the subject all the time. Using what's called the 'rule of thirds' leads to a more interesting photo most of the time.

Google - Rule of thirds
Its funny you mention the rule of thirds as right before I posted the pictures I was doing some reading and came upon the rule for the first time. Since I had already take the pictures there wasn't much I could do other than try to crop one, which is what I did with the last one. Whether or not it helped is up to you, but I think so. The grasshopper still appears in the middle but at least I played a bit with PS and know for next time to use the rule.

Oh and the grasshopper is on a pumpkin that had a few holes in it and was deteriorating. The little bug just walked up as I was taking the picture so I snapped it quick in order to get both in the shot. Did I mention that I was holding the pumpkin in my left hand and the camera in my right trying to get the grasshopper to move the way I wanted.

Thanks for the tips though and please keep em coming.

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