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Oct 28, 2007
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Ft. Worth, TX
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this is straight off the camera shot in raw only thing i did was convert it to jpg. any insight on the photo, how to edit it or edit it at all. i have gimp on my PC and aperture on my mac.

First, youre going to have to start by taking photos during the day. If you do that, you can get that pop up flash off and get better, less harsh lighting. If you have a slave flash (one that connects to the hot shoe), your camera will fire it wirelessly move it off caera to the left or right a little and it will make it alot better. Its going to be hard to edit away the flash on a night time shot..especially since you only have GIMP.

I suggest retaking a photo in the daytime (2 or 3 hours before or after midday), posting that, and you might be able to get some more help. Im sure there are people on here that could make this shot look great, but I dont think its too much possible with only GIMP.


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