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Aug 23, 2010
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My new D3000 features automatic sensor cleaning which can be set to run at startup, shutdown, or both, or even manually only.

I only have one lens, so there is little to no reason to ever remove it from the camera (that I know of). I believe no dust will get onto the sensor unless I actualy remove the lens, exposing the camera inards to the atmosphere.

In my case, until I buy more lenses, I believe that this sensor cleaning is just using power and adding a delay to being able to read the screen (when set to run at startup). Or does dust still get in and onto the sensor even though the lens is not removed? Are any there other considerations?

Thanx again!
I've had my latest cameras a year now, the sensors are dust free and I've yet to use the function, turn it off till its needed. H
Just set it to run at shutdown. It isnt going to use that much power that it will effect anything.

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