Questions about floating element in RB67 50mm

Dave G.

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Mar 25, 2021
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Hi folks,
I've searched a bunch but haven't seen this mentioned.

When you turn the floating element ring on the 50mm f4.5 for the Mamiya RB67, should the front element glass rotate with the floating element ring? Is that correct? Or is the floating element movement supposed to be all internal inside the lens?

Second question. When I hold the lens and shake it "axially" - movement in the direction of the optical axis - I hear a small rattle as of something moving a bit back and forth when I shake the lens. Is this normal?

I'd really appreciate it if someone who has one of these lenses that's known to be functioning correctly, or is very familiar with the lens could answer these two questions for me. I love the perspective this lens gives, but I want to be sure it's functioning correctly and don't want to foot an unnecessary bill for CLA if there's nothing wrong with it.

Dave G.

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