Questions I'd like answers for please! Flash related. :)

Discussion in 'Digital Discussion & Q&A' started by CheBo, Dec 15, 2009.

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    Hi everyone. I have some questions that seem pretty easy, but I can't quite find the right answers to..

    If any of you could answer these questions it would be a BIG help for me.

    Thank you!

    Here goes:

    -How does an accessory/external flash work?

    -What is the difference between TTL and manual flash? What are the advantages and disadvantages of both types?

    -How do you control the amount and quality of light output from the flash?

    -How does shutter speed affect the image when flash is used?

    -How does aperture affect the image when flash is used?

    -How can you imply/show motion in a photo using flash?

    -How does distance affect flash photography? (light fall, softness control ect.)

    -How do you allow the background (i.e. sunset) show up in a flash portrait?

    -Reflections- how do you deal with them when using flash?

    -Shadows- how do you control the qulity of the shadows that appear in an image when using flash? (i.e. on the wall behind your subject, on themselves)

    Thank you!


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    Normally I'd be all helpful, but these look like they are taken straight from an exam or assignment.

    More over what do you mean you can't find the right answers to. Googling "TTL flash" and blindly clicking on any result on the page that comes up would actually give you a detailed description of what it is and how it works (Hint, click the wikipedia result, avoid the ken rockwell result).

    It may seem like tough love but you'll learn much more than if we just give you the answers.

    "flash shutter speed" is also a good search term, as is "flash light falloff".
    The only tricky one is the implied motion question. Hint search for "slow-sync".
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    As Garbz said regarding an assignment - if you are cheating, you'll only hurt your self in the long run. But if you gentlemanly want to know...

    insert the batteries, attach it to the hotshoe on the camera, turn it on. turn on the camera. take a picture - tada

    TTL - when you depresses the shutter release, flash sends a preflash at the subject (point of focus). When preflash "reflects" and comes back, flash reads the amount of juice to put out and puts out accordingly.

    Ideally, flash units have some sort of power control modulation +/-

    Shutter speed, besides allowing for motion and lack of it, control ambient light. the faster the shutter speed the less ambient light. When shooting with the flash outdoor portraits, I control ambient light with shutter speed, light on the subject with the flash/umbrella/softobox. Also ISO and aperture play a key role here. Bottom line the combo of 4 provide pleasing results.

    Same idea as above. But aperture besides controlling amount of light, also controls dof (very important).

    flash freezes action. slower shutter speeds allow more movement but flash will freeze part of it.

    look up inverse Sq law

    read shutter and flash

    subtractive lighting

    Soften them up. Read above.

    I really hope you aren't doing this for classwork but rather want to learn. By the way, there are great books out there on this topic. Make a way to bookstore and you'll want to buy every one of them :D

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