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Sep 2, 2008
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ive noticed when i take pictures and upload them on my laptop, they look great (as in lighting) but when i hop on the computer at my work or let say a friends PC it look really dark and looks very underexposed. i dont understand why only my laptop makes my pictures look like its not dark and has good lighting. i turned down the brightness on my laptop to see if that was the problem but it didnt help, everything is darker on the other computers HELP!
Any screen only shows you what you like to see unless it is calibrated to a standard other than your eyes. Perhaps it is the laptop, perhaps it is the computer at work. To truly be able to tell how your photos look you need to calibrate your monitor. There are software programs that will help but the only true calibration is with hardware calibration. Something like this.

ColorVision Spyder2express (S2E100)
ColorVision Spyder3Pro (S3P100)
[ame=http://www.amazon.com/Xrite-EODLT-X-Rite-Eye-One-Display/dp/B000CR78CE]Amazon.com: X-Rite Eye-One Display LT: Electronics[/ame]

There are several out there. I prefer the Sypder pro as it is what I am used to. It is something that has to be check every once in a while. I re-calibrate every 2 weeks, but then I am doing this for me, not a business. Perhaps others will chime in on their choice.
sweet thanks
Yep, you gotta get calibrated. I use Spyder3Pro and really like it.

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