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    Hi gang,

    I'm new to the forum but already have an urgent question. A major classical label has asked to use one of my photographs in its CD package for a new release. The ensemble won a Grammy for it's last recording and I was fortunate to play on it as a guest percussionist.

    This is not the cover shot, just a shot in the studio of the ensemble members and the guest artist. They asked me for my rate for such usage. I am a fine art photographer (and a recording artist) but I really don't have a clue what to charge for such usage. I'm guessing $150. Any thoughts?

    Looking forward to meeting you all and sharing ideas, images, etc.



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    FotoQuotePro claims to be the industry standard for pricing.
    I ran it through the program - a CD/DVD insert with a run of 500k-1m units and it quoted $1250.
    I just sold a shot to a company in Germany for a calendar. It has a run of only 5000 and is in Germany only and i received 125Euros which is around $150.
    I would've thought that $150 is way low but maybe someone else can provide more info or evidence??
    If you want me to check it with FQP again and different number of cds let me know.

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