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Feb 4, 2015
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1957 Kontax 4 .jpg
reclaimed kontaxes.jpg

Here are my reclaimed Kiev/Contaxes created by ex-Arsenal Techs in Ukraine .

The tan and silver Contax was a wreck . They sorted it with all original parts and removed the broken self timer . The silver effect is simply removing the black paint and laquer .

The black Contax was a box of bits with new old stock Kiev shutter and full restoration .

The impossible Contax / Kiev 4 has a scrap 1937 Contax III body with 1957 Kiev 4 meter and controls .
The impossible KneB is a 1956 Kiev III with early body with foot with another 1957 top plate and spare KneB fascia . I love the Kiev 4 style but not the revised body.

All work exquisitely of course .
I forgot to say that, with donors , the total cost was £150 each plus another £150 for a fully sorted Contax III which needed another donor Contax III to fix the meter , hence the spare body .

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