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Discussion in 'Digital Discussion & Q&A' started by Sarah74, Dec 3, 2006.

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    Hello, my questions regard photoshop cs and image resolution. I am starting out in wedding photography and am offering my client a cd with all their images at high res.

    Problem is I am not sure if I should supply my client with all their images at the raw size of my images which is 350 ppi or the non raw ones (I shot a combo) which are 72 ppi, or if I should convert these all to 300 ppi so that they may print them from home or send them out or take to a booth.

    The problem with making them 300 is I feel they seem to be much smaller print size. Should i not constrain, should I resample, I am at a total loss. And I have no idea how to put so many images on one cd as well. I asked other photographers who said they put 2-300 300 ppi on one cd (but to me that seems impossible).

    Also, does anyone recommend a way to batch convert a file of images at once to a different resolution. I use Photoshop cs and Photoshop elements.

    Confused? help? Please, cheers, Sarah

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    No need to change the resolution. If the client is going to print them themselves, you may want to resize the images to a standard print size. Otherwise, the printing service can do that.
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    i'd be carerful of handing over hi-res images incase the client copies them for their own use without paying.
    Have you thought about using ProShowGold or some other package to make a movie of the images? That way the images can be viewed on a TV using a DVD player and they can't be copied to reduce your sales to them.
    You could even make a movie of the big day and sell that along with prints - i recently did a wedding and that was suggested to the newly weds. they thought it was a great idea.

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