Revolutionary Graffiti?


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Nov 19, 2011
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Long Island, New York
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I could almost picture this Ahead! Ahead! slogan in bold brush strokes on a Che Guevara poster. I took this from my room at Cedars-Sinai Hospital a couple of days ago, with my iPhone. Of course, about 50 feet before this message, one could read "Stop Stop." (Which would also look good as a t-shirt slogan. I can visualize an angry Ahead! Ahead! mob clashing with a group of Stop! Stop! counter protesters . . . ) I wish I had taken this one in time Snowbear's "Repeat" challenge, with those double palms as a bonus.

BTW, in checking the spelling of "graffiti" the second item that came up in DuckDuckGo was "Graffiti with Mr Fuji The Photo Forum". Is that a result of doing the search on my computer with its frequent Photo Forum visits?


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