Ripples in the sand

This is an interesting image as I do like to see the types of images that folks convert to black and white. My only comment is that I think the ripples in the foreground draw the viewer's eye too much - they are a bit distracting from the rest of the image. I would have cropped it about 2 to 3 inches up from the bottom giving the sky a bit more of an opportunity to play a role in the image. Just my 0.02¢ FWIW.

To me, the sky is what is distracting. I'm captivated by the wonderful texture and contrast in the sand ripples and everything else is kind of secondary. I'd even consider cropping out everything but the sand and the water. Just my two cents ...
I really like the texture of the sand, I'm thinking maybe just a tad more sky. Overall really nice image.
I love it the way it is! Nice work......

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