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Dec 16, 2007
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Hey guys! Haven't been in here for almost a week! I had my appendix removed so I didn't do anything but watch tv and edit photos most of the time. Feeling much better now and I got some stuff to post!

This is a recent photoshoot I did the other week prior to my surgery. Sorry if the photos are so large. It's my standard viewing size.

Some of these photos has the landscape overpowering the subjects. The reason I did that was because of my plan to use them in an album as a background.






The last one is the best, although it would work better just as a landscape shot.
Wow! Nice location! These are cool, the last one would be very awesome if they were looking at eachother instead of at the camera since they're too little to see detail in the faces, but that's of course only my opinion. Hope you're feeling all better soon. :)
If you don't mind me asking, what lens where you using?
I really like the location and I want to go there like NOW! The beach is so tempting haha
Well anyway, I love the 6th picture and for me I think its kinda lovely if the couple were looking at each other instead of the camera. :)
Lovely photos though. Keep 'em coming!
nice shots

but the horizon is crooked in #2 and i would like to see just a bit more of if she were beside him with her head on his shoulder....

#4 looks like its slightly desaturated..washed out..needs more sat & contrast
Thanks for the comments.

I'm recovering really well. It just itches where the stitches are. Getting them removed tomorrow. I can't wait.

The location that I shot these at is one of my favorite locations. There's hardly anyone there and not much people know about that location. To get to it, you'd have to walk over a bunch of rocks. Which is why I think not much people know about it. It's also a really nice spot to swim in. Just wish I had a chance to do so.

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