Sandias at sunset: First round with PC adapter

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    So a couple of days ago, my only major purchase with the stimuls came it. An Arsat Perspective Control (Tilt Shift) adapter for Kiev88 to EOS.


    The subject was the Sandia Mountains at sunset. This was the sciene from an Android phone:


    The lenses are the Mir 36B and Mir 3 Wide ange both 65mm.

    The settings on the PC adapter range from mild to wild.



    In this shot the camera was tilted back and the lens adjusted downward to level with the foothills.

    On this shot I had the tilt adjusted to 45 degrees from virticle (the adapter can rotate to 12 diff. positions) Here is where the full effect of a PC lens can come in. The apature was set to f 3.5 and the lens can bokhe like a devil, but notice the foreground AND background are in near unison focus.
    THATS the beuty of a PC lens.

    Finally 4 min. into sunset:

    On this last shot the camera was level and the lens was tilted up slightly at a 45 degree (rotated) and shifted about 2 degrees...

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