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Saved Form Certain Death !

Should I send them ?

  • Yes - They are quite good.

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  • No - Bury the photos ya muppet !

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May 1, 2005
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Today I did my annual visit to the London Wildlife Hospital in Beddington, Croydon,


They had their fox cubs out on show. These two are part of a littler of 4 that were abandonded by thier mother and would surely have died. This September they will be released back into the wild. Did you know the hospital worked out that it takes 100 tins of food for the cubs and other foxes in the hospital. http://www.londonwildcare.org/

Hope you like.



I am thinking of send thes two photos to the hosptial to use as free publicity for them, what do you all think ?

Comments are welcomed as usual, :)

p.s. Sorry aboutthe size for some reason I am having trouble. I have saved them the same was I always do ... but they are showign here as quite small. :(
Love that second one! I think it's a great idea to send the photos to the hospital.
Oh, those eyes!
Big "Awwww"-factor in these. Do give them to the animal hospital, yes, do. It'll help and make the people there so happy (or even the fox cubs? If they may tear the prints to shreds? ;)).
cool critters! love those eyes... nice captures... :thumbup:

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