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Feb 1, 2004
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Lower Saxony, Germany
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Taken yesterday - almost "in passing"

Thought I'd best let those who think about coming to visit this VERY PLACE next year in May know what they will be letting themselves into! No CITY-life! That is off the "High Street", as it were!!!


Now why am I surprised that there's so much green in that photo? I shouldn't be, should I? ;)

Love the colours in this one..the various shades of green, the nice deep colour of the red brick, and that lovely dark sky to set it all off. Well spotted, Corinna!
ok, this one was only posted to advertise the meetup ;)

over here it is currently raining all the time ...
Well, yesterday shortly before noon, when I was over to Britta Bollenhagen's place " Ole_Hoop " to confirm that we want to book the whole place from May 24 to 31, we had thick clouds compete with a bit of open sky. Moments before I finally had the Powershot ready (it was in my anorak pocket), the whole scene was still ALL sunlit from behind me, against that dark cloud. Missed that moment by a second! :( Still, the cloud veil that had then pushed in front of the sun was still only thin, so the colours were still there. :cheer:

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