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Jan 21, 2006
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I'm after another 1G SD card for my D50 and i usually use this site for ordering CDR's, mice, other computer devices etc.... but this SD card looks so cheep compared to other places and what i'm wondering is..... will it in any way slow the performance of my camera?...... i'm aware that alot of these 'super fast' cards only really increase transfere rate to your computer, but the fact that it hasn't even got the standard 'high speed' SD card written on it makes me a little cautious....... BTW someone in the user reviews has said it works ok with his cam...but i'm not convinced by his review. Here's the link.

...... any help would be i'm ready to order something and at that price im tempted to order 2 instead of a 2G card. Thanks
I posted this suggestion on another link but I feel it applies here. Rather than building a collection of memory cards look into getting a portable hard drive. for 170 you can get a Jobo Giga One 40 GB Hard Drive. This drive is a bit bigger than a pack of cigarettes and accepts nearly every type of card. You can fill your 1 gb card unload the data onto your hard drive while in the field and then clear your card and keep shooting. It takes about 5-7 minutes to transfer your whole card to the drive but the speed that the device transfers data to your computer is lightneing fast. Rather than spending hundreds on building a collection of memory cards you can spend less than 200 to effectively get 40 GB of storage. BH sells them, search for a Jobo Giga One.
yea i see what you mean... i'm in the u.k. tho....shipping charges etc... but i'll have a look at the equivelent on a u.k. site, thanks for your imput :thumbup:
170 bucks? the same hdd in aus is 980..
980!! what is that in US dollars? Im sure you could hve it shipped from the US if you wanted but I believe it is a foreign produced product I forget where it is made though.

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