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Jan 8, 2008
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New York
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Winter and summer combined, form a wonderful path :).


Might I suggest something?

Make a permanent mark on the spot, and line up your center column. The next season, put it in the same spot. This way, it won't look so much like two different pictures.

It is pretty cool though, and you did a decent job. Just the left image is slightly higher than the right.
I see what you mean, because at the very end of the path it is just a little bit higher on the left side. I will fix that in a little bit and put it back on here.
Thanks, yeah this is the first time I have ever even done something like this.
Ok I updated it :). Made it sepia and upped the contrast a bit. What do you think now?

Is this 2 different pics? I honestly coundnt tell until I read Sideburns post.
When I looked closer it does become a little obvious farther down the road, but nothing too bad. Maybe try some clone stamp to eliminate that very slight line.
Well I technically didn't fix the whole left side being higher. I just didn't feel like doing everything over again even though it wasn't that hard. I know I should be but I am not really striving for perfection since it is only one of the first times I have tried this. Its just not something I really like to put that much work into because I still like natural photos that just have little adjustments done to them. This is two photos together which I have never done before and was just experimenting.

But I really enjoy the critique, I really should have exaggerated that I only changed what the tones and etc. were just to make it look different. But I know its not the greatest it was just more of a test.

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