Secret Life of Ice -- cool time lapse work

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    The pun is intended, but this is pretty cool stuff what local Seattle photographer Edward Aites has produced. Saw it on a local news magazine show last night, looks like he uses a Canon 40D with 100mm macro and two polarizing filters, then sets the camera to take one shot every 10 seconds. One polarizer is under the ice between it and the light source (looked like some type of light table, and the other filter is on the camera.

    Here's a link to what I would think is moving photographic artwork... notice in the dialogue that it took 3600 frames to create a 2 minute video.

    Scifri Videos: Secret Life Of Ice

    This is the piece that aired on King5 TVs Evening Magazine last night... (they got the number of shots used wrong though).
    Secret Life of Ice | Seattle


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