Self Portrait and Closeup


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Apr 15, 2006
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Santa Barbara, CA
Here are a few shots from a couple days ago. They were quick shots, and I know they can be improved upon, but I was wondering what you all thought of them as is.

Note: Please keep in mind that when resizing the pictures, they became kind of pixillized (sp?). They look more fluid in larger forms.

Thanks for looking!

1 Self Portrait

2 Closeup - I have a thing for collar bones. Heh.
If you right click and then open up the properties and use the copy and paste method they show up. Not certain why that happens sometimes though.

I really like your use of light and shadows in both of these. In the first, the expression works well, especially with the black and white. My only 'complaint' would be not seeing the outer 'white' of your right eye, and perhaps a tad bit of catchlight. Other than that, wonderful : )
As for the second, perchance a simple necklace would just add that final touch, but the lighting is perfect.
where are the pictures???

sorry I don't see any pics of yours..
Sorry for that. My photobucket account wasnt working last night. I tired to link them from another site, but I guess it didn't work.

Peanuts, thank you for the critique. With the second one, I think adding a necklace would draw attention towards it, instead of they body. Though, I do have another older shot of the same type of crop, with a necklace, which was intended to be the focus. So I suppose it just depends what I wanted to see in it. Lighting, in that shot, was what I was trying to get down, and I'm glad that works out well :)

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