selling Canon 70-300 IS DO lens


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Jan 20, 2012
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i have a lens that i rarely use , canon 70-300 IS DO 5.6
its a great lens for its size . but i think it need someone to use it more than me , as im using prime more
bought this lens from a local store on 2010 , since then i dont use it as it deserve
the condition of it is good , there is some small 1 or 2 sign of use on the body
the glass it self is in mint condition , it has No scratches glare fog or dust
it come with only the lens itself , with the back and front original covers, and a hood made my optica , and a pouch
here is my flickr you can check some pics i took with the do lens , also i tried to sell it in headphone forum where im active with good feedback as the following
my ebay feed back
asking for 720usd shipped(pp fees included) to anyplace in the world via jordenian royal mail its tracked and secured , i will package it great so you got it in great condition ,
i only accept paypal for payments,

if you want any pictures , let me know

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