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Nov 23, 2007
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okay you pro guys heres my problem......I have the Canon EOS XT digital and it seems that I am having problems getting away from having to run my photos thru a software program all the time cause they are to durn dark or just need a touch of brightness,,,,,,what do I need to do here :hail:
Learn to expose properly in the first place. Get a good book from your library.

Understanding Exposure by Brian Peterson, or any John Hedgecoe book.

After learning to correctly expose for what you want, then you have to realize that all photos need some kind of post processing. Film didn't develop itself and neither does digital. Try shooting in raw and batching shoots.
What mode are you shooting in? Metering mode? Ezposure compensation? Make sure it is not too underexposed. The bar should be towards the middle. Double ,check the settings and re-read the manual to be sure.

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