Shelf Cloud

it might be my angle, but it looks much more like a gust front/outflow boundary/roll cloud than a shelf cloud....

edit: upon further examining, i dont think it looks like a roll cloud
Thank you both for looking and your comments! This photo is on the NOAA photo page, they called it a arcus cloud.
wow, a lot of those pictures are from you and are superb!!!!

i just googled arcus cloud (am i a little embarrassed to be a meteorologist and have never heard of an arcus cloud? yes)

but wikipedia said this:

"An arcus cloud is a low, horizontal cloud formation associated with the leading edge of thunderstorm outflow (i.e., the gust front). Roll clouds and shelf clouds both are types of arcus clouds."

with that answer, i feel much better about my thoughts. i still think its a gust front/outflow boundary rather than a roll or a shelf cloud.

its still a stunning picture!
oh! and i just realized you should have had your first les of the season!!! congrats man!

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