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Aug 14, 2007
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I will be shooting a few amature snow boarders. These kids are my friends and I'm more or less looking for something to shoot during the winter to keep from leaving my camera down for too long, as i predict may happen. I enjoyed taking pictures of skateboarders and am going to try snow boarding. Is there any recommendations you guys have for shooting and exposing in these conditions? I've gotten him to pick out of magazines all the shots he like, so I can do my best to give him something he likes, although it's unpaid and just for me to have something to do.
get out and practice. you will prolly have to shoot manual . . . lots of white, auto modes will prolly leave you w underexposed subjects, also, to help from having blown highlights shoot with the shadows facing away from you, or rather with the sun to your back. a flash would help fill i would think.

ummmmmmmmm . . . thats all i can think of for now.
Flash will easily be reflected from the snow, if the subject is in the air and you are close fill flash would work, I like to get near the end of the jump off to the sied and get low as possible and make it look like they are getting huge air. Fisheyes works great also.

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