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Show us your Portfolio!

I can't. All my portfolios are BW hand prints in binders.
Do you have a portfolio? Share it here!
Sez who? Obviously a non-player in the old playground game--"I'll Show You Mine if You Show Me Yours." Seriously?
I imagine some of us have a portfolio that contains hundreds if not more images.

Not likely the forum really wants a few hundred members to start posting 500+ images at once.
Ok, I'll bite. Here's mine.


My name isn't really John Gary, and I'm not a district manager. Ok, fine, I stole the portfolio. You caught me. But these things are expensive.
Do you have a portfolio? Share it here!
Some members here have posted a lot of their work in various Photo Galleries here on TPF. That's a great way to get to see what folks are shooting, and you can comment or ask questions in those threads.

You can also post your own work in the Galleries, for feedback or suggestions.

Not the same as seeing a full portfolio, but then we're pretty casual here. :) Post some work and join in!

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