Shutter Problems in D7100


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Jul 27, 2015
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Vermont, USA
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Sometimes when I take a photo half the image is black, it's clear to me that the shutter is not working properly and the sensor is capturing it at times. The shutter speed does not go over 1/250 as I use flash a lot of the time.

Do I need to contact Nikon for my camera?
1/250 might be causing a synch problem if you're using flash.

Post an unedited image so we can see what you are getting.

1/200 sec at f/1.8, ISO 100 35mm on D7100
Yep. Too high a shutter speed for a flash.


I guess I thought 1/200 was fine as the sync-speed is 1/250. As I was under that speed, I didn't think there would issues.
Nikon lists the synch speed at 'Up to 1/250'. Those two little words means that 1/250 is not an absolute or guaranteed. So you may lose synch at 1/250.

The video I posted is about shoe-mounted speedlights. 'Studio'-style flash units are a whole different ballgame.
Thanks so very much for the help and quick replies!!

I truly hope I can pay it forward here over the years!

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