Sigma 70-200mm 2.8 - Nikon Mount - MintCondition

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Mar 19, 2008
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Its been used maybe three times total for maybe 150 shots max. Purchased from Adorama brand new. Still have the receipt and its still under warranty. Still in the box. Absolute mint condition. I'd love to see $700 for this lens but I guess that's negotiable. Will only accept PayPal as payment.
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still need to sell this lens. i dont want to but i need to. again, its in MINT condition with all accessories, manuals, box, etc.
FWIW, your link takes you to a bunch of Tamron lenses.
upon searching adoramas site, i can only assume thats bcuz adorama no longer has any left in stock. the url now points to something else. i was going to correct the link but they dont have any nikon mounts for sale, used or new. thanks for the heads up.
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still trying to move this lens. i can do $650 with buyer paying shipping. thanks for reading.
Im very interested, where are you located? Id prefer to pick this up if possible. I would also like to see pics of the lens itself please.
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