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Jan 30, 2012
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Lumberton, NJ
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Yes, hello.

I figured I would take a second to introduce myself, since there is, after all, a forum just for such things.

I am 25 years old, and I love to hunt, fish, and take photographs. I was introduced to photography about 10 years ago at my first job working for a sports action photographer. Although most of my time there was behind a table selling digital prints to soccer moms, I did once or twice get to use the camera. I always enjoyed looking over the pictures of the games, and spotting the gems. I would often make prints of them for myself. That job didn't last forever, and with leaving it I also left photography. About a year ago, I began really looking for something to do beyond throwing out a line or surfing the web in my spare time, and I decided to buy a camera. I bought the best digital camera I could afford, and set out to take some pictures. Some came out better than others and some came out amazing, but I felt held back by the camera. I couldn't afford more than $200 worth of digital camera, and the fixed lens and dismal manual modes of the camera couldn't be changed. So I sucked it up, and bought a film camera. Good used SLR film cameras can be had at a fraction of the cost of a comparable digital camera.

I fell in love. I fell in love with Silver and Light.

Since then, my free time not taken by planned fishing trips has been filled with taking pictures. From abandonments, to landscapes and every thing inbetween. My weeks are spent in anticipation of that rush I get on Monday and Thursday, when the film comes back developed and I can see what I took. I can't delete the bad shots on the LCD screen before anyone else sees them. I've had entire photo outings come back to me terrible due to bad composition on my part. Such is the art of film photography. We do not get instant gratification. We wait to see what we have exposed. We work hard to compose photographs that are interesting and relevant, as we pay for every single frame. We don't buy a camera, and snap away. We get 36 exposures to a 35mm roll, and try and make every one count. Each one is money out of my pocket, and I'm not trying to run myself broke.

I have abandoned digital photography almost completely, save for the convenience of being able to take pictures of things for sale on eBay or CraigsList, and I have a cameraphone for that which is always in my shirt pocket.. My digital camera is collecting dust. I shoot film now, as I am in love with Silver and Light. I have recently ventured into medium format film, and I will soon take my first roll to the actual film lab for developing. No CVS or Walmart drop off, as the tech's head there will explode when they get something other than C-41 35mm.

Without Silver and Light, none of this would be possible. There would be no photography. Digital would have never come to exist, I aim to continue using Silver and Light to show what photography as a hobby or even a profession really is. An art. I shoot film. I am in love with Silver and Light.<br><br>-Dustin
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