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Simple question?


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Jul 5, 2008
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Kirkland Lake, Ontario, Canada.
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Ok so i have a digital camera, right and it uses AA battires but you guessed it, they get depleted almost after 10 pics? any suggestions one what type of batteries, I should be using? I mean is there some that are only for digiatal camera's if so how much were would i find em
What batteries do you use now?

I use Energizer NiMH batteries in my flashes and they work well...but standard NiMH batteries can loose power even when they are inactive, so I make sure to keep them freshly charged. A new type, Sanyo Eneloop for example, will hold their charge much longer.
Alkaline AA batteries will get used up pretty fast in a digital camera. Rechargeable NiMH batteries tend to last a lot longer so you can shoot more pictures with them. And as Big Mike mentioned they now have low-discharge NiMH rechargeable batteries that can hold their charge for a long time while not in use...roughly 80% charge retained after 1 year of non-use but normal NiMH batteries discharge constantly even when sitting on the shelf and can lose most of their charge in less than a month...and you really shouldn't store normal NiMH batteries with a charge, they should be discharged before storing or they start to become weak and unstable and can't hold their charge well.

I like Sanyo NiMH and low-discharge NiMH batteries. I get them here.

Oh...how old is your digital camera? Older ones aren't as energy efficient as newer ones.

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