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Jan 3, 2009
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OK, a few of my friends and I took a mini roadtrip to go see some highschool classmates of ours for a day so I figured Id bring the camera. One of my friends brought her daughter with and I got the priveledge to share the back seat with her. It was reasonably early in the morning, so there was some decent light and I decided to try to get some portraits of her. It was pretty difficult but I was able to get some at least OK ( in my eyes at least ) shots, the mother loved them as well (shes started tearing up, hehe ). This is probably my favorite of the lot. Ill include the original, and one Ive messed around with a bit to give it some of those cliche portrait traits... sepia tone, soft layer etc, also tried to touch up skin. Im a complete PP newbie though! :confused: May have over done it a bit, but I thought Id show my friend some examples of what could be done. Any C&C is welcome.



Extremely amature "touch up" in Gimp:


Not sure if I made it too bright as I just struggle to get that right on my laptop :/.

Thanks for looking!
I like your sepia version. The first is a little soft but with the sepia tone it works perfectly.
Thanks Mac, yeah I had a hard time achieving focus because we were very close to eachother, and I suppose it could even be camera shake due to the bumpy ride in the car.. Id have to check the EXIF to see what was going on I guess. Anyone have any words about the PP? Skin touch ups, taking care of harsh shadows etc.?

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