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Sky is the subject


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Feb 7, 2010
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Rye, NY
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I took some photos of Sky as i was walking.

No C&C thanks to anyone with any
The colors seem to be a be muted. Also, the foreground in both photos are kind of boring. Maybe crop some of the bottom and work a little on the contrast.

of the two, if you could get a little more color, contrast and crop the bottom to the reflection, I think you have a good photo there.
In the first one, try to implement the Triangulation System. The sky takes a huge space of the picture. That what I think.
Thanks but what is the triangulation system i haven't heard of it
I think the second one still is a little low on color now that i'm looking at it more
Thanks but what is the triangulation system i haven't heard of it
I assume he means the rule of thirds, but I don't think it would be helpful here.

More foreground would be boring in that shot. I think it is good you broke that rule here.

I do think the color is a bit dark - but maybe that is what it looked like.
Ok yeah I now see and i thank that by getting rid of the front i'm following the rule of thirds at least up and down. In the first one yeah im trying to decide between more contrast and it not being so dark because the bright spot in the middle gets bright really quickly so its hard to tell.
heres the second edit of the second shot

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