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Aug 14, 2020
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Suzhou, China
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My wife and I like to ride our bikes all over, and one weekend, we went to Tai Lake, on the boarder of Jiangsu Province in China. In riding we generally don't know where we are going, so sometimes we run across all kinds of things. I stopped to photograph this scene and 2 dozen locals showed up to watch me take this photo, many of them pulling their phones out of their pockets and shooting photos as well. A little strange, even for me (I have lived in China for 5 years now... and am accustomed to being "strange", but generally just one or two people at a time.). I have processed the color version of this, but generally like the mood and feel of the black and white better. Shot with a Nikon Z7 and the 24-70 Z series lens in RAW mode and post processed in Photoshop. "Lo-ISO" 1/13th sec at F8, 36mm, hand held.

I like the conversion. Is that mist on the water? I have the same problem with someone that sees me taking a photo and pulls out his cell phone (my husband).
Yes, it was actually quite foggy, but took much of it out in post to still have the mood of fog, but a bit more clarity in the buildings. Here in China, it is often "foggy" but the truth is it is pollution. So funny about your husband, too. My wife does the same, but she is actually quite good and I regularly admire her shots and tell her that she should have been a photographer. She is quite patient with me about making my images, but to her it is simply a record of where she has been. :)

Be well and thanks for looking.

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