Snow Stopped Play

Fred Berg

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May 17, 2011
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A snowbound playground somewhere in Augsburg:





Revue AC-5, Agfa Precisa CT diapositive film, iso 100.
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Your light measuring is not bad. Well done. I like the mood and the depth in the first. That last one, are those seals? Too bad the one in the front is cut off 'cause that could have been a funny photo :)

Nice to see someone is doing analog! :thumbup:
I agree with Frequency. Except in the last one, there is a lack of focus.
Lack of focus, very noisy, and lack of a strong subject matter.
The focus is a little soft in the last one, Mike, granted, but quite acceptable as part of a series of photos that aim, as you rightly point out, Frequency, at nothing. Perhaps the clue in the title wasn't strong enough (I need to work on my titles, people are really influenced by this) but as it gets colder activity slows down, and, at some point, ceases. All activity is frozen at roughly -270°C, or absolute zero, and playground activity at between -7 and -9°c it seems, which was roughly the temperature when I took these shots. As far as subject matter is concerned, Blackrose89, the mood, the colours, the shapes are all very strong here, noise there is none (unless PSE8 has introduced it) but possibly some grain (film produces grain, and isn't always as undesirable as many would have you believe!). On the whole, I am happy with this series and thank you all for your feedback. Jeroen, the first is one I will be printing - thank you for the compliment.
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