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Snowy Backyard Birds


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Jul 21, 2014
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Worked from home yesterday afternoon due to the snow.

I guess I never really 'looked' at how much activity there was in the trees behind my house. I knew it was there, but never actually looked at it. Lots of lovely birds.

Slightly different processing on #4. They all seem blue-ish. That was the color outside at the time due to snow/clouds/etc, so I kept it (and liked it). Now that I see it on another monitor, I'm debating whether I want to change it.

Blue Bird and House by Wade, on Flickr

Blue Bird Tree by Wade, on Flickr

Cardinal Tree by Wade, on Flickr

Snowy Woods by Wade, on Flickr
Very pretty. I really like #4.

Jealous that I can't see any Cardinals here :(
Thanks! I'm jealous of your weather. ;)

Cardinals are pretty awesome, haha. My first foray into birdography was as a child stalking a cardinal in the snow with my mother's instant polaroid (I think it was a One Step, but I can barely remember it). I had gotten close enough to have the bright-red male in the viewfinder, and just as I went to snap the picture, it heard me and flew away.

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