snowy puppy..


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Aug 13, 2006
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I actually had my camera set to capture some action shots of him playing in the snow..but he was not working with me that I snapped this instead.. It could probably use a crop...what do you guys and gals think?

This is a cute puppy! No doubt.
Exposure worked fine, as domromer is already saying. Good. No doubt.
Your idea of maybe cropping in a little closer is a valid one, too. Try it and see how much you will then like the result. I think this photo offers room for a nice crop to get yourself closer!
Excellent exposure with the difficult black and whites.
Crop? - na - you have got her(?) perfectly on a 1/3rd - you obviously have an artistic eye.

One could just add a bit of contrast to her fur, thus...

Not a simple step to do - I've been reading Dan Margulis's books and this change involved using the Blue channel contrast/sharpen action - I've put the (normal) green channel one as an action on my web site if you are interested.
Very well done and thanks for sharing - now send us a bit of snow and I can try it!
All the best
AncientSnapper- If I could send you our me.. I would! I'm not one for the cold weather.. Can't wait til spring rolls around and I can practice my skills..

thank you all for the great comments! I'm very new to photography and just got done taking an 8 week class, so it's nice to know I'm on the right track..

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