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    I have two Canon 1D Mark IV bodies for sale. I am the original owner of both, so no unknown 3rd party in the history of them.
    I just had them both cleaned and checked out – and everything is just fine with both.
    I have only ONE box, though (have no idea where the 2nd box went to!). And I have ONE extra battery (which has seen very little use – the original batteries are still performing at top capacity!). The first body to be sold will get the box and the extra battery included with the transaction.
    Asking $650.00 for the first body to be sold – asking $500.00 for the 2nd body.
    If anyone is interested in both bodies and the box inclusions and the extra battery – asking $1000.00 for the entire bundle.
    Prices include shipping to the lower 48.
    Both bodies show normal wear and tear – both bodies are fully functional. I’ve never had any problems with either body.
    Thanks for reading – if you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at .


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