Some boats and an oil slick.


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Sep 28, 2011
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A few more pictures from Peru. These are from Pucusana, a small fishing village 1 hour south of Lima.

1. A boat for Compaq. I saw this and was reminded of an awesome shot of a boat taken by fellow TPF member Compaq. I couldn't get low enough to get the same angle on the boat as he did. So I got a different angle altogether.

DSC_0550.jpg by Javier Descalzi, on Flickr

2. An oil slick for Bitter. An attempt at abstract photography. Actually, the sworling patterns remind me very much of a sarcoma as viewed under a microscope.

DSC_0517.jpg by Javier Descalzi, on Flickr

3. The Condor Macho. I wish I could have isolated the boat better. I love the colors.

DSC_0424.jpg by Javier Descalzi, on Flickr

4. The Aquiles.

DSC_0425.jpg by Javier Descalzi, on Flickr

5. A typically peruvian theme, usually in watercolor. This time transformed into pottery.

DSC_0522.jpg by Javier Descalzi, on Flickr
Thanks for looking.

6. A Peruvian hairless dog. I know it's not a good shot, but I though the subject was worth sharing. My cousin has owned a few of these. Their skin is remarkably soft and they are very well tempered. Te fishermen of Pucusana seem to really like these dogs. They are all over the town.

DSC_0587.jpg by Javier Descalzi, on Flickr
Thanks....had fun with these.

I googled the Peruvian Hairless Dog....apparently an "ancient" breed according to wikipedia. They've been around since before the Incas.

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