Some Desert Night Lizard shots from yesterday


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Jan 11, 2010
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Yesterday I got the opportunity to assist a biologist in the collection of tail tips from Desert Night Lizards (Xantusia vigilis) for DNA analysis. The individuals from which we were collecting samples belong to a small disjunct population of this species in Fresno County, CA; their "normal" range is in the deserts of Southern California, Nevada, and Arizona. The lizards live in spiny yuccas in badlands-type habitat, so looking for them was difficult but also very rewarding, and I was also able to get a few shots while I was out there. You can C&C if you want.


These are nice shots. I'm surprised no one has commented on them. As for me I somehow missed these and didn't see them until today. These look like the same kind of lizards I was used to seeing in southern Illinois. The ones there loved to hang around wood and lumber piles.

Thanks guys!

Members of the night lizard family are found only in the southwestern US and Central America, but they do resemble some lizards found in the eastern US, like skinks and racerunners.
Natalie, just a supersuper set. Picture 2 is just tremendous. What a great composition. The simple, yet effective tones of the rocks and Lizard just blew me away. Truly less is more.
Thanks, Joel! All these shots are posed, but the second one best represents how they are actually found (wedged in between dead yucca leaves).

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