Some random pics with my D40


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Mar 20, 2009
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Orange County, CA
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Please feel free to comment. What do you guys think? Any suggestion?

Interesting shots. I really like the shot of the Subaru.
The last shot is hot! I like how the hood disappears in the darkness, got crisp lines and the passing car adds good light to the ground (and I don't even like Subi's). I think the first should be shot with a bit more depth of field to really show the detail of the lines within the cactus and it would pop more against a dark background. #2, what are you trying to have me look at? The wilting flower or the butterfly? I'm not a fan of the on-camera flash either. The night shot is just a night shot, nothing really great about it. The mirror shot is cool, but the window is dirty and the light is showcasing that. The motion blur on the road with the mountains in focus is quite nice though. Good photos, keep it up!
thanks guys. The dirty window on the last pic really bothers me but we were in mammoth and it was cold =P.
Wow! The last shot is just ill. I have the D60 and if that picture is possible with the D40...then who knows how much potential the camera has.
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for sure. i like the last one, especially with the cars zooming by on the side.

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