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Jun 14, 2013
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................. yes, the grammar sucks. I realized tonight that, of the different forums I visit, 99% of posters say this. I seen him coming, I seen my wife leaving, when I seen it I cringed, etc., etc., etc. So I've come to the conclusion that I've missed ANOTHER change in our language, and the way it is now taught! When did this happen?! Anyone? I know, I'm supposed to roll with the changes, and I know that languages progress and change over time. I just want to know when this particular word usage changed. It simply cannot be coincidence, or just those who didn't learn the correct usage. No. It's no exaggeration when I say 99% of people use it that way! Have i "saw" the evolution of another change?!
I seen to recall around the time of internet

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It's only a matter of time:

Youngsters are learning much more from their peers these days than they learn in school.
Seen, bugs me too, but more than that, the word "busted" being used regularly by supposed seasoned journalists : The robbers busted into the apartment, the kids busted a window at the school. When I was in school I was taught that the word busted was not proper to use in this way. It should be they burst into or broke into. I ask myself all the time, with education being pushed on kids from preschool age these days, why is it nobody can use proper grammar? To be honest, I can't even understand anyone under the age of 30 anymore, they talk too do they freaking talk so fast? They speak at 78rpm and I hear in 33&1\3....I guess I'm really getting old. :048:
I can't even understand anyone under the age of 30 anymore, they talk too fast...
One of my grandsons talks that way, and I ALWAYS have to ask him to repeat himself. He hasn't caught on that if he simply would speak more distinctly that I and everyone else could understand him the first time.

I don't know where he got it, but my best guess is that he is lazy, therefore he wants to move his mouth as little as absolutely necessary when he speaks. His plan is not working.

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