Sooo dark..


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Nov 8, 2007
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Wichita, KS
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Yeah I noticed taht thing on her nose after i posted... ill just have to edit it out.
perhaps fix that nose thing that's goin on...maybe a small spot on her chin...but that depends on what you're goin for.

I like it a lot, actually.
Cool hair.

Wait...that's not you, is it?
No.. I took that pic... a while ago...



lol i wish i was as pretty as her
I think it's kind of distracting where she is placed in the photo. She is looking into dead space/area, and it's too center weighted. Perhaps if she was simply placed on the left hand side, it would make the photo much more lovely.
Were you going for the orange skin look? I know it looks almost like evening light, sort of like sodium vapor bulbs. I think if it were mine, I would shift the color a little to a more yellow/less orange tint. Not much, just enough to loose the campfire look, unless that is what you were going for. JMO.
i actually like this shot ok, i would have put her more to the left of the picture and not so centered though. good job

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