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Sorry to members of TPF


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Mar 9, 2007
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Traverse City MI
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To people I have offended on TPF

I have been quite tense over here in Africa, and i have bee treating people with less respect then I usually do, I have been very harsh and rude, and Im making a public apology for that. I know many of you have complained about me and to you guys specifically I am sorry. I hope I didn't hurt anyone too much.

- a5i736
Well done a5i736!
i have not been offended by anyone ... but if you feel you did offend some people for no reason, then the way you deal with it here is great :)
You were critical of one of my shots but the critique was accurate and I didn't take it personally. I think it is nice to treat people respectfully but it's not nice to fail to give them useful feedback IMHO.

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