Speaking of GAS.... Canon RP


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Feb 27, 2006
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So I have an oppertunity to get into a Canon RP where I can actually afford it.

But I have so many cameras now that I am fighting the temptation to get it.

I have wanted a FF mirrorless for several years now and I defiantly want to get a mirrorless MF when I become rich and famous!

But I need notes from folks (good and bad) about the RP.

Primarily I will adapt out lenses including my older manual Minolta stuff with it and cross pollinate with Mamiya, Nikon etc.

I myself jumped in the pool and bought a Canon 850D about 6 months back .. And now I'm looking at FF, maybe a cheap 5D Classic .. Or a Sony A7 iii ... I dunno.

Bright sunny weather - My pics are popping! But Ireland being Ireland ... It's not like that all the time. Dull low light and I'm wanting too take night photography aswell now!

So is FF better than APSC ...

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