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    A good friend of mine had several large format lenses stolen from thier van in Chicago on Sept. 24th. If anyone frequents, pawn shops or camera stores where they would buy such things please be on the look out for the following. A reward is being offered. Contact me if you find anything please!

    35" Red Dot Artar in Ilex #5 shutter serial number 812262
    30" Red Dot Artar in Ilex #5 shutter serial number 791676
    24" Red Dot Artar in Alphax shutter serial number 829585
    16.5" Goerz Dagor in Ilex #5 shutter serial number 755927 or no number. Possible number was painted out and this could have been it.
    14" Goerz Dagor or Goerz Double Anastigmat in a Compound Shutter serial number 915881

    Thank you for the help!


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