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Nov 1, 2018
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New England
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Aye Mates,
So many have been following the progress of standard poodle gun dog prospect STORM and I thought I would do an update to catch the inquisitive up to his present status. Folks may recall that STORM had several dysfunctional behaviors that I needed to eradicate initially. Additionally, STORM was not obedience trained as determined by my initial assessment and he was water aversive due to an improper introduction to water as an 8 week old pup in the cold waters of October in New England. One might say my work was cut out for me. I really only accepted STORM as a trainee because he demonstrated high intelligence and I pictured him as both a diamond in the rough as well as a training challenge.


Team STORM ~ Owner Greg and his standard poodle STORM. Greg came up with his wife Sarah and son Grayson to visit with STORM on Saturday. Greg got to work with me in learning how to handle STORM whilst simultaneously getting an overview of the progress made by his K9.


Water Work ~ Greg and STORM can be seen on the far side of one of the nine ponds on the training grounds where STORM is boarded and trained with by yours truly. A live training bird can bee seen on the water just right of the left margin of this image. Greg had previously been taught how to run STORM on both land and on water marked retrieves. I am positioned to throw birds and take photographs of STORM while he works as handled by Greg.


Storm On Retrieve ~ After much diligent work by both STORM and myself, he is no longer water aversive and can be seen here making a dynamic water entry when sent by Greg to make the retrieve of a live training bird.


A Reflection Of Himself ~ STORM is seen making way across the pond whilst swimming hard to make the retrieve of a training bird on the water. Live birds are highly motivational for most dogs from selective field performance bloodlines, especially so whence they have been properly introduced to birds under the guidance of a competent trainer.


Homework Completed ~ Proper introduction of STORM to birds and his completion of both HOLD and FORCE FETCH conditioning don e on the training table has carried over nicely to his work when sent to make retrieves of birds on both land and on water.


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Delivery To Hand ~ Having made the swim enthusiastically and completely across the pond and back, STORM is seen here making classic presentation of the training bird into the hand of his most pleased owner / handler Greg upon his issue of the verbal command "GIVE".

STORM has come along quite nicely to date. He is currently conditioned to gunfire, is now water savvy, is doing multiple marked retrieves on both land and water (triple marks), is spot on with his obedience both on and off lead, is e-collar conditioned, and has been both hold and force fetch conditioned. Additional to his land and water marks, STORM is sharp on land - water - land retrieves, and STORM is more than willing to penetrate and work heavy cover to make retrieves of game birds.

STORM is currently entered to participate in his upcoming first run in an AKC Junior Hunter stakes and I am expecting that he should do very well in that regard.

On top of all previously mentioned, STORM is a highly intelligent dog that demonstrates grand style and agility whilst working afield and is just a very loyal lad with a grand demeanor about him. STORM is a very nice companion gun dog. STORM has made incredible progress and should continue to do so in becoming a more well rounded and competent gun dog and K9 hunt test athlete.



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Nice set and nice dog! I used to throw frisbee a lot so I've always thought if I ever get a dog it will be an Australian Shepherd. They're amazing with frisbees!


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