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Apr 27, 2009
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Cleveland, Ohio
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Interesting shot, Bitter! My first thought was that it was like an old 50's sci-fi movie... with something coming out of the sea to eat LA or some such. Nice dark and gloomy feel to it, with the fog and all.
Very nice. The foreground hooks you in with a voyeuristic spying on something feel, while the subject holds your view but with the fog and all combined,you've got a feeling that something is about to happen. Plus with the fog light in color and the foreground rocks as well you really focus on the water and support structure.
Your picture grabbed my attention the second I saw it. Simple, yet extremely effective. Fog over the water, and the snow on the rocks, sure makes one continue to look.
Did you happen to take a shot with the immediate foreground in foucs?

Very nicely composed. :thumbsup:
Hmm... i am not sure about this image

The white in the foreground is too harsh to let one's attention go beyond.
And the way in which those twigs are seen puts me in a dubious stand....
I liked the sea and beyond, but fail to stand on a comfortable shore to watch that....

Regards :D
Balanced and mysterious - makes we want to keep looking at it. It might be even better with just a little trim on the bottom, just to remove the snow-covered rock in the center and decrease the amount of rock overall.

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