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Sure did miss motocross. Glad to be back in California.


Been spending a lot of time on here!
Jul 20, 2011
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San Diego, California
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Japan was an amazing experience. But I'm so glad to be back to shooting what I love. Hanging out and riding with old friends. Just enjoying life and shooting.

Thanks for looking.
(1) Directly between the ramp and landing catching this backflip.
Back flip-1 by Eric Ingerson, on Flickr
(2)Girl power! This chick rips!!!
20151211-EAI_9335 by Eric Ingerson, on Flickr
(3)A buddy of mine blasting a corner.
Perris-3 by Eric Ingerson, on Flickr
Nice series, I love the first one nad the 3rd one.They are so amazing. I like how you shot the dirt behind the moto is so awsomeee!
Thanks Gary. You're absolutely right. lol Its NOT San Diego.

xDarek, Thank you very much. Greatly appreciate the comment.
The third pic of your buddy jumps out at me as both a rider and a photographer :) What a great set of action shots
3Rd one best for me. 2nd one i don't like that much, the point of view is not great, no idea where he take of from and where he is going to land. 1st one it looks more like you took it from above than you took it from under because of the color of the background. Whitish or blueish would have been better IMO.
Great set as always EI. Extreme action! How you frame fast moving stuff like that is pretty incredible. Love #3, the freezing of the dirt, angle of the rider, foot position... just WOW!
Great set! That first shot is awesome!
Real nice set!
Thanks everyone for looking. Greatly appreciate the comments.
Great set, that first one is amazing !!!!

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