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Teaching a photography class


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Apr 29, 2008
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I've been having alot of people ask me to 'mentor' them - to take them on a shoot and give pointers.. answer lighting questions and photoshop questions. I love helping - but it's become pretty time consuming.

What, if any (other than skill), are the requirements to put on a photography class and charge a class fee? Do you need to be certified in any way?

(Yes, I have a tax ID number and plan to pay uncle sam. I know everyone inquires about that so I thought I'd say it up front.)

Anyone know anything about this? Thanks in advance! :mrgreen:
are you going to be on your own or teaching at a school?
All will depend on what your background needs to be.
I think you will have to decide what sort of class you are going to teach - a lecture classroom based one or a workshop based one out in the field (or in the studio).

That will determin a lot - a classroom based lesson will be more theory than practical application and people would probably expect you to have a teaching qualification at least to setup the class - though it does have the advantage that you could work through something like a night/evening class centre and also your not dependant on weather or lighting as you are in an outside workshop (or on providing a studio to work in).

As photography is an art you can trust in your website and portfolio to attract eager students and a photography qualification is not as essentail as it would be if you were teaching something like maths or physics

That said make sure you are prepared - have notes handy for your refrence for when you are asked questions and also outline clearly what the lesson is going to be teaching people
overread, excellent advise.

my thoughts were to do more of a workshop type for beginners on-location. i hated the actual school enviroment, myself. i want hands-on experience and the air open for questions and comments.

i would most definitly go in prepared, no doubt.
if your doing that kind of work then keep the class sizes down - 10-15 at the most - and then I would be somewhere where they can wander off or do their own thing a bit so as to keep occupied whislt your dealing with them separatly.
Part of it is going to depend on the students as well = spend the first part of the session getting an idea of who they are, what they are after and what they know - as well as what kit they have. Idealy try to get as much of this done before the lesson as you can - that way you can get things started off sooner and also be prepared for the students that have different needs/expectations of what to get

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